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-Lauren Aguirre, SMU class of 2016.

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-Ricky Bureau, A&M class of 2014

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-Caitlin Reeves, TAMU-Commerce Class of 2015.

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-Nicole Hartman, SMU Class of 2016.

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-Ariana Hamilton, University of Houston Law School.

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-Johna Rutz, SMU class of 2016.

"My Name is Nashae Morin and Christian Genco saved my life with www.textbooksplease.com!! Literally made my life 1000% easier and less stressful! THANK YOU!!...I'm telling all my friends too lol! It was so super helpful!"

-Nashae Morin.

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-Blake Rainey, SMU class of 2015.

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-Sean Grady, SMU class of 2016.

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-Garrett Scarcelli, SMU class of 2015.

"I've been using Textbooks Please for two semesters now. I have saved not only hours of searching, but also over $800 dollars! This is honestly the best time saver and most user friendly price searcher I've used. Thank you so much!"

-Fantine Giap, SMU class of 2015

"Yes, I used your site, and yes, it saved me hundreds of dollars. I got 2 textbooks for ~$28 each that would have otherwise been $200 apiece. Thanks!!"

- Courtney Griffith, SMU class of 2015

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