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Compare prices on 40 websites for all of your textbooks in a single click.

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Please visit this site with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to automatically import your school schedule with a browser extension, or you can search for each book individually with the search bar in the top right of this page.

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How does it work? It's easy (and free):

1. install extension

Installing the textbooks please! browser extension will let you compare prices for all of your textbooks in a single click.

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You can still search for books one-by-one with the search bar on top, or bug me to make an extention for you :D

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2. view university textbooks

Navigate to your campus's textbook requirements page and click the blue "compare prices button" to import all of your textbooks for this semester. A link to this page can be found in our list of supported universities:supported universities

Not in college? Here's an example of what this looks like.

You can find the best price for any book by searching for it by title, author, or ISBN number with the search bar on the top of this page.

3. save money

We'll compare prices from over 40 online retailers* to find you the absolute lowest price for each of your textbooks. You'll save hundreds of dollars.

"I love your site! It's a great tool - just what every college student needs."

-Lauren Aguirre, SMU class of 2016.

"Using textbooksplease.com saved me over $800 dollars (two months rent!) when compared to the prices my school's book store offered me."

-Ricky Bureau, A&M class of 2014

"If you're tired of getting ripped off at the bookstore textbooksplease.com is a fantastic alternative! I saved $480 on my textbooks and it was so easy!"

-Scarlet Gray, SMU class of 2014.

"I used beta versions of Textbooks Please for six straight semesters, and I saved over $500 each time. This site is invaluable to college students. Textbooks Please is basically money in your pocket."

-Savannah Niles, SMU class of 2013.

"This site is amazing! I saved over $300 on ONE book. All college students should use this website when looking for textbooks. It saves so much time and money."

-Caitlin Reeves, TAMU-Commerce Class of 2015.

"Thank you so much for creating this website and passing it on!!! I just bought my textbooks for next semester and saved $300, #sohappy!! Wow, I used to try to look at the different websites to compare prices manually and it took so long, and then with your program it went so fast!!"

-Nicole Hartman, SMU Class of 2016.

"You saved me like $600! I found my contracts book for like $12 + shipping when it would usually be like $200. I think my mom wants to send you a thank you card, haha."

-Ariana Hamilton, University of Houston Law School.

"I got my books $870 cheaper than at the SMU bookstore. Textbooks Please is a lifesaver!"

-Johna Rutz, SMU class of 2016.

"My Name is Nashae Morin and Christian Genco saved my life with www.textbooksplease.com!! Literally made my life 1000% easier and less stressful! THANK YOU!!...I'm telling all my friends too lol! It was so super helpful!"

-Nashae Morin.

"Thanks! I used textbooksplease.com last week and it saved me a ton of cash! If I bought all of my textbooks from the SMU Barnes and Noble, it would have been at least $300 more. GREAT website!"

-Blake Rainey, SMU class of 2015.

"I just used the site, it looked and worked great, and I saved a ton."

-Sean Grady, SMU class of 2016.

"textbooksplease.com proved to be a great resource, I bought 5 textbooks for the price of 1 and got them all in about a week!"

-Garrett Scarcelli, SMU class of 2015.

"I've been using Textbooks Please for two semesters now. I have saved not only hours of searching, but also over $800 dollars! This is honestly the best time saver and most user friendly price searcher I've used. Thank you so much!"

-Fantine Giap, SMU class of 2015

"Yes, I used your site, and yes, it saved me hundreds of dollars. I got 2 textbooks for ~$28 each that would have otherwise been $200 apiece. Thanks!!"

- Courtney Griffith, SMU class of 2015

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